Taking A Dog On A Plane: What Airlines Allow Pets and Cost to Fly A Dog

Do you love traveling? Did you know that there is a difference between a good and great travel experience? As a pet parent or pet lover, it will always be a great experience if you have your pets by your side wherever you go.Traveling with your pets, especially dogs and cats, can be both stressful and confusing if it is your first time booking flights. On the bright side, there is no need for you to stress out yourself whenever you plan to take a dog on a plane. That is because there are plenty of airlines across the globe dedicated to making the travel experience safe, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Whether it is your first time or not taking a dog on a plane, this post will help learn what airlines that allow pets in the cabin are and the cost to fly a dog.

Taking a dog on a plane is now possible and hassle-free process. All you need to do is to figure out what airlines allow pets and have valuable ideas about the pet transport cost.

Before booking a flight with your pets, it is necessary for you to know that most airlines have restrictions on destinations, storage, and breeds when traveling. These airlines are only complying to the regulations, as well as safety procedures of the government to ensure the well-being and safety of your pets among their top priorities.

Every time you plan to bring your cat, dog, or even a service animal, the following airlines will give you the best, hassle-free travel experience.

American Airlines

American Airlines is not only the world’s biggest airline but also considered among the most pet-friendly. If you have shorter flights, your pets are allowed to fly in the cabin where you need to keep them in a small carrier under your seat. As for longer trips, they will be checked as cargo. That is to ensure they are appropriately cared and safe during long-distance fly.

Cats, dogs, and service animals are allowed by American Airlines, and the pet transport cost is from $125 to $200. The pet shipping cost depends on the size of your pet and your flight.

Air Canada

If you are planning to travel with your pets to major cities in the world, Air Canada is among the best choices. The airline is devoted when it comes to flying a dog and other pets. Bigger dogs are also welcome, and they will travel in cargo to ensure their comfort and safety.
Once you arrive thirty minutes before your departure and your pets are kept in a carrier, they can fly with you in the cabin. The cost to fly a pet is $50 and up, depending on your destination plus the taxes. Cats, dogs, and service animals are allowed by Air Canada to travel with you.

Delta has destinations that are more 60 countries, and you can travel with your pets to any country you want by booking a flight in this airline. Apart from dogs, cats, and service animals, household birds are also allowed to fly with you. The shipping cost starts at $75 while you will spend $125 in North America and $2000 on an international flight.

For small pets, you can travel with them in the cabin. As for larger dogs, you need to put them in the cargo for their complete comfort and safety.


JetBlue is known for its pet perks program, the JetPaws program. It is a program that will provide you with a carrier bag for your pets, a significant list of tips for effective pet travel management, and the 300 TrueBlue points.

Although you cannot place dogs, cats, or service animals in the cargo, you can still fly with them in the cabin. Then, the pet transport cost is $100 and up.


Besides knowing the airlines that ship dogs and other pets, you also need to figure out the cost of flying pets. By doing so, you can determine how much the budget would be.

So, here are the expenses you will be expecting when planning to travel with pets domestically and internationally.

Travel Crate

Whether your pets will be traveling in the cabin or carbon, it is necessary for you to purchase pet or dog carriers for airlines. It is essential for you to research the travel crate cost. Besides crates, you also need to buy two bowls, which will be attached to the door. For example, a dog carrier can cost between $50 and $400, depending on the size of your dog.

Veterinary Visit
When traveling with your pets, especially dogs, shipping them will require st least a single vet visit. For an international flight, see to it that your pets will see an accredited veterinarian. For example, a domestic health certificate, the price ranges from $75 to $250.

Air Tickets and Other Fees
Your pets will require complete attention and safety, as well as extra care, so the majority of your budget when traveling with them will go to the airfare costs. Besides air tickets, there are also additional fees if flying your pets will require a layover. Make sure to book a flight with airlines that are pet-friendly and stay updated with the discount flight save money.

For example, flying your chihuahua domestically in the cargo will cost you between $275 to $300. But, the cost will still depend on the pet-friendly airline air tickets. Meaning, it is either you will pay less than $275 or more.

For your next travel with your pets, see to it that you will book a domestic or international flight with airlines that ship dogs and other pets. Then, make sure that you already have an idea about the cost of flying a dog, cats, or service animals. That way, rest assured that you and your pet will have a safe, comfortable, and stress-free flight.

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