All You Need to Know About Lilac French Bulldogs

We can all agree; today, homes are considered almost incomplete without a pet. And one of the most common ones that people have become fond of over the years is a dog. Well, nothing would warm your heart more than coming home to the wiggle of your fur bestie. To be more specific, a lilac French Bulldog (Spoiler Alert: The Lilac French Bulldog is not even French, go figure!)

Actually, there’s a lot more that you probably still don’t know about this exquisite Frenchie. For the past few years, I’ve had this insatiable urge to buy a French Bulldog, but I never really found a pup that caught my eyes. But that was not until I laid my eyes on this rare Frenchie with the most adorable puppy doll eyes. Needless to say, it was ‘love-at-first’ sight.

And since then, there’s a lot I’ve learned from my experience with my fur bestie. To that effect, if you are contemplating on buying this breed, here are some things you should know about Lilac Frenchies.

What is a Lilac French Bulldog?

Simply put, the Lilac Frenchie is a rare breed of bulldogs that stands out because of her lilac coloration. She is a part of the blue gene of the French Bulldog. Every lilac Frenchie is just a carrier of the blue gene. To get their unique lilac color, they must also have a dominant lilac gene as well.

There are very few Lilac Frenchies in the US. In fact, you will rarely find them being sold. But if your lucky star shines and you find one, you must be ready to drain your bank account just to get one. A lilac Frenchie puppy will mostly start at $20,000 or more.

What Makes the Lilac French Bulldog Stand out from other Dog Breeds?

If you are always fascinated by the beauty of French bulldogs or find yourself wondering where these cute little pups came from, then read on to find out? Well, the lilac French Bulldog is one of the rarest colors among all other breeds of French bulldogs. Hence, she is always a favorite among most people. Talk of their distinct tone, the vibrant puppy doll eyes; you can’t help but stop and stare.

There’s everything to love about this little Frenchie. With that in mind, if you’d like to learn more exciting facts about the lilac French Bulldog and what makes them so different from the French bulldog breeds, then this section is for you.

The Color

The first thing that will always grab anyone’s attention about the lilac French Bulldog is her rare and beautiful color. This little pup has a stunning shade that people don’t get to see every other day on dogs. No wonder people are always more than willing to invest in buying this rare breed, even if it means breaking their bank.

The Loyal and Adorable Attitude

The other most impressive thing about the lilac Frenchie is their loyalty. They have one of the most adorable attitudes. While they may seem small and cute, the lilac Frenchies are quite territorial, and they always know their owners.

At the same time, the lilacs are cuddly and extremely loving. They won’t mind sitting on your lap every chance they get. What’s more, as a sign of loyalty, the lilac Frenchies protect their master. And as a sign of devotion, they never leave their owner’s side.

They Have a Nice Balance of Playful and Calm

The lilac French bulldogs usually can’t play for too long. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a few games together. These little pups have a delicate balance of peace and fun. They know just when to cuddle and when to play. So, with the lilac Frenchie, you get the best of both worlds. A best friend to play with and a loyal lover!

They Make the Most Ideal Indoor Companion

The unfortunate thing about the lilac Frenchies is that they can’t play for long or go on long walks. That’s because they always have an issue with breathing and overheating. Besides that, they are the calmest and sweetest indoor companions. That said, if you are an indoor person, this is just the pup for you.

Are you looking for peace and calm when spending time indoors? Well, this rare breed of Frenchies will give you exactly that. Also, if you live in a small condo or apartment, this little pup will survive just fine. They never need a big space, unlike other dog breeds.

She Makes a Great Protective Watchdog

The lilac Frenchies also makes an excellent watchdog. That’s because she is alert, attentive as well as extremely protective of their master. With this little pup in your home, you will never have to worry about suspicious activities or intruders in your home. And as a plus, the lilac Frenchie will rarely bark, unlike most other watchdogs. Unless something terrible happens, they always keep their calm.

That said, if you want to enjoy your time with your lilac Frenchie, you need to reciprocate by taking care of her. Frenchies generally love attention and lots of it. With that in mind, you always need to give her more than enough and always ensure she is happy. A cuddle, as well as a few treats, will go a long way.

In Summary

The Lilac Frenchie is a very desirable pet and one of a kind as well. This little pup has big expressive eyes that are always asking for love and more love. The good thing is that if you have her in your home and there are children, you will have nothing to worry about. She is friendly to the children and other pets too.
Although coming across this rare breed is hard, never give up your search. Also, if you are a dog lover and always have a hard time deciding which kind to get, then the Lilac French Bulldog might be an excellent place to start. You won’t regret adopting her to be part of your family.

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