What you should know before you hire a dog groomer

A dog groomer is a person who makes living income by taking care of both hygienic and physical appearance of a dog. They are well-trained people who can calm down your dog and able to work in any kind of situation.

What kind of training they have?

Most groomers start dog grooming because they are passionate about caring for dogs. But they can’t become a dog groomer hence they love dogs. People need to undergo relevant training under experienced groomer to become a dog groomer.

In the training period, dog groomers learn about their equipment’s, how to wash, bathe, cut nails and calm a dog. Not only that they take part in dog shows to improve their knowledge and experience. Some countries required to earn a certificate or have a license to become a dog groomer.

What is the average cost of grooming a dog?

The average cost of grooming a dog depends on the method you are going to use for grooming your dog. There are three main methods you can use to groom your dog.

1 – Go to your local dog grooming shop

2 -Hire mobile dog groomer

3 – Groom dog at self service facility

Normally dog grooming shop charges $30 – $75 to groom your dog based on the size of the dog. Mobile dog groomer charge around $75 for the average dog. If you select self service facility you can groom your dog around $11- $23.

How much should you tip a dog groomer?

It depends on the service you received and the type of your dog. Normally people give 10% – 20% tip to the groomer. If your dog is small and easy work it’s ok to give 10% of total service charge. But if your dog is big and difficult to handle it’s good to give around 20% from service charge as a tip.

Do they have any experience in grooming your breed of dog?

This is an important thing you should know before you hire a dog groomer. Because all dog breeds are different from one another and they have different kinds of needs. So it’s better to find a dog groomer who has experience with your breed of pet.

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