5 novelty Frenchie dog decorations you should try in your bathroom

As a Frenchie lover, you always love to keep my surroundings with Frenchie related things. Today I found some awesome stuff for my bathroom. I decided to share them with you all.

Frenchie theme ceramic toilet bowl brush holder

This cute looking brush holder perfectly fit in your bathroom. It’s a good replacement for your older brush holder since it’s made from ceramic. Adorable finishing touch shows the craftsmanship and quality of the product. You can easily move it in your due to the lightweight of the product. Frenchie upright round ears and lovely looking face make you feel better with unpleasant cleaning accessory.

French Bulldog Sitting on Toilet and Reading Canvas Artwork

Canvas artwork can create a nice and calm mindset in ourselves. It can double the happiness when a Frenchie on it. This funny looking Frenchie sitting on toilet canvas art can make you smile early in the morning. Your best friend desire this type of gift in his/her birthday.

Watercolor Frenchie shower curtain

Shower curtain always fulfills your privacy need when you have a bath. This cute looking watercolor Frenchie adds colors to your bathroom while protecting your privacy with Not see-through waterproof polyester fabric. It can easily hang up with your bathtub, so do not need to worry about it.

Frenchie and friend holding my brushes

It’s brushing time!! Frenchie and friend holding my brushes is a perfect place to organize your brushes hygiene. This funny looking brush holders can encourage your kids to brush their teeth with pleasure. Cute design can easily catch your kids’ attention and make them happy in brushing time. No matter if you have ceramic tile, glass or mirror it can easily place on any material.

3D Frenchie wall stickers

Hello Hooman, I’m your Frenchie where are you. Stickers feel like that. Your Frenchie came through the wall and looking for you because you are late for preparing his meal. This unique design makes your bathroom a beautiful and lovely place for everyone who came into it. Kids love it’s cute and realistic look.

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