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What is the difference between an English Bulldog and a French Bulldog?

Are you considering getting a new puppy but not sure whether to go with the English Bulldog or the French Bulldog? Well, worry no more as this article is for you. The English Bulldog and the French Bulldog have similar names as well as many other features in common. However, they still stand to be two very different pups with unique characteristics.

The two bulldogs have notable differences in their size as well as their appearances. That being the case, most people are always wondering which is the better choice between the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog. But considering the many similarities between the two dogs, this always turns out to be an absolute dilemma.

However, the best thing to do in such a situation is to first discover what to expect from both before making the final decision. By simply understanding how these two cute puppies compare, you will be able to choose one that will best fit your lifestyle as well as the needs of your family. That being said,
let’s dive in and find out.


The Breed History

The English bulldog

The English bulldog was first created in the 13th Century in England. During this time, she was used for the bullfighting blood sport. However, this fell out of favor during the 1800s. This is when the English bulldog made the ultimate transformation becoming a lover and a pet instead of a fighter. Breeders put in a lot of work to make her sweeter and less aggressive until they were discovered
by the American Kennel Club in 1886.

The french bulldog

The French Bulldog also started off in England during the 1880s. During the industrial revolution when the lacemakers moved to Northern France, they loved carrying along with these toy-sized bulldogs. The dog was most popular in the French countryside before eventually making its way to Paris. The French bulldogs are famously known for being true city dogs to date.

Physical Appearances

1. Size and weight

One of the most noticeable differences between the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog is the uniqueness in both their sizes. While the English Bulldogs tend to be short and very stout the American Bulldogs are tall and heavy. In fact, the American bulldog can stand up to 15 inches tall and can weigh up to 50 pounds.

The Frenchies, on the other hand, are shorter and they stand between 11 and 13 inches tall. Fully grown French Bulldogs weigh half as much as the America Bulldog meaning that they mostly range between 25 and 28 pounds.

2. Coats, colors and skin

While the two breeds may have major differences in their sizes, they still look alike. They have square heads, short noses, small legs and wrinkly skin. This is what sets apart the bulldogs from the other dog breeds. However, the English Bulldogs tend to have heavier wrinkles than the French Bulldog.

In addition to that, both of these breeds have smooth and glossy coats with a wide variation in colors. The most common being, cream, red fawn, white and any combination of the same. Although these breeds may in rare cases include patters that have black, neither of the breeds ever has a solid black color.

3.Trademark Features

The English Bulldog also has trademark chops which a trait that is always present when looking at a Bulldog. These chops are present on both corners of the mouth. The Frenchie also has a very distinct feature which is her ears. She has large bat-like ears that face straight up unlike the English Bulldog that has rose-shaped ears. 

Grooming Requirements

When looking for a pup, we always want to go with one that will be fairly low maintenance. Good news is; both the English Bulldog and French Bulldog do not require a lot of work. However, the Frenchie is a mostly hands-off dog hence making it a safari bet.

That is because she is a low-shedding dog and only needs to be brushed at least once a week in order to keep her coat looking good and shiny. On the other hand, the English Bulldog sheds a little more than the Frenchie. This means that her coat requires brushing two or three times a week in order to keep all the shed coat in check.

While it’s the wrinkly skin that adds a unique vibe to the Bulldogs, they also put more work on the table. That is because you need to keep the skin between these wrinkles not only clean but also dry. This will protect the dog’s skin from infections. Since the English Bulldog has more wrinkles, it definitely requires more work.


Ever heard of the ‘Bully Breeds’? These are the English Bulldogs and the French Bulldogs. However, these dogs don’t exactly seem to live up to their title as both of these breeds are friendly and very playful. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have traits that the owners should not be wary of.

The English Bulldog to start with is a happy and loyal dog making it a great family pet. However, if this dog is not well-trained she can be stubborn and very hard to deal with. The good this is that the English bulldog is a dog that is highly trainable. In fact, you need very few repeat training lessons as
they pick up the training very fast.

The Frenchie is an even more playful breed than the English Bulldogs. However, this breed of dogs is not what you can consider in a home that has toddlers and very small kids. That is because they can be aggressive and play rough. Therefore, it can be risky leaving the dog alone with the kids without
any supervisor.

Although the Frenchie seems like the most stubborn of all, she is so consistent and always aims at pleasing her master. The best part is that positive training of the French Bulldog always yields the best results. The English Bulldogs have better interaction habits and will most likely befriend
the entire family.

However, the French Bulldog can be very particular. Actually, if the dog doesn’t interact with many people and other dogs from a very young age, there is a high chance she might end up being very attached to only one person. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the French Bulldog is that clingy sidekick.

Health Conditions

1. Brachycephalic syndrome

The English Bulldog and the French Bulldog tends to have a similar health condition known as Brachycephalic Syndrome. This is a condition that is caused by the facial structures of the dogs. Since the dog has a flat face and a very poor respiratory structure, it always has issues with either the heat control or breathing.


That being the case, you are required to highly monitor your bulldog during the hot and sunny days. Make sure that your dog is in a cool and well-ventilated space. On top of that, ensure that your dog is well hydrated and all will be fine.

2. Allergies

Both of these dog breeds are also known to suffer from a wide range of skin allergies. These may include; yeast infection, staph infection demodectic mange among others. Since the French Bulldog has erect ears, she is more likely to catch a lot of dirt that may lead to a rampant ear infection. On the other hand, the English Bulldog commonly has to deal with head tremors.


In general, the English Bulldog can live up to 8 or 10 years while the French Bulldog tends to live much longer and can live all the way to 12 years. However, both of these breeds are more prone to a wide range of health problems as compared to the other dog breeds. Therefore, this is one of the major factors that you need to pay attention to if you are planning on having either as an addition to your family.

Other General Issues

Some of the distinctive health issues to the French Bulldog that is caused by the Chondrodystrophy Dwarfism include;

  • Back problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Oversized heads
  • Degeneration of discs

On the other hand, the English Bulldogs are at a high risk of;

  • Short lifespan
  • Bladder stones
  • Allergies
  • Immunodeficiency

What About the Blue English Bulldogs?

The standard English Bulldogs have a unique alteration which is the Blue Bulldogs. This particular breed of dogs has a blue-grey coat and in some rare cases, has blue eyes. However, the blue eyes result from a recessive genetic the bulldog acquires during breeding. This is something that not even the best breeder can be able to stop.

The blue eyes are mostly acquired as you cannot tell whether it’s the male or the female parent bulldog that has this recessive gene. For this rare breed of Bulldogs, you can pay up to $10,000 or more.

Final Verdict

Both the French Bulldog and the English Bulldog have very many structural health problems. This means that if you want to go with either of these two dog breeds, you need to take your time and do some background check on your breeder. This breeder should at least provide you with the test documentation that covers the parent breeds as this will help you rule out some genetic problems.

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