All You Need to Know About the Frenchton

Are you looking for a French Bulldog, but with a little something extra? Well, look no further as the Frenchton mix breed is just the pup for you.

So, what is a Frenchton dog breed? Well, the Frenchton is a crossbreed between the Boston Terrier and French bulldog. She inherits some of the most adorable traits from her parents—the best being, friendly, playful, chill, and sturdy. In fact, if you fancy a mischievous dog, you already found yourself one.

The most exciting thing about this dog breed is that she is a total charmer! What do I mean? If you want a travel companion or a pup that can join the family on an adventure, then she fits the profile. On top of that, the Frenchton loves kids of all ages. And she has such a sweet and adorable nature.

She also does well in small spaces, which makes her a great choice of pet for apartment dwellers. That said, if you are interested in knowing a little more about your Frenchbo pooch, then keep on reading.

Frenchton Appearance

1. Height and Weight
At first glance, this pooch has so much in common with a French Bulldog in terms of size. In that, Frenchton has a short physique, with a stocky build and long pointy ears. On average, the Frenchbo is usually full-grown when she gets to 16 inches tall and weighs somewhere between 13 and 25 lbs.

2. Frenchton Colors Variation
No two mixed breeds come off with the same shade of colors. That said, Frenchton dog breeds come in a wide range of colors, including; white, black, cream, and fawn. These dogs could either have one solid color or have either bi-color or tri-color variations.

3. The Coat
Just like the Frenchie parent, this pup has a short and sleek coat that’s usually very soft and tender to the touch.

Do Frenchtons Have Sloppy Ears

Generally, most people are always curious about Frenchbo ears. Well, we can’t always predict the exact time the ears will stand up. However, most breeders suggest that a Frenchbo could be born with either one or both floppy ears. But the ears should be straight and stiff as those of a bat by the 5th or 15th week. Or probably by the time she is done teething.

Do Frenchtons Have a Tail?

Frenchtons have a tail, but just like the Frenchie and Boston parents, in most cases, the tail will be short and stumpy. Although that’s not always the case, while considering the overall generalization, Frenchbos are born with very short tails that barely cover their bottoms.

Some people assume that the tails in Frenchbos have been docked off and cut. But that’s not always the case. The short tail in Frenchbos is purely due to their heritage and breeding. In fact, you can check out this piece to learn more about the Frenchie parent tail.

Do Frenchton Dogs Talk?

Frenchtons, just like their Frenchie parents, don’t bark much. However, they are a very talkative breed. In that, they use complex yips, yawns, and gargles. And that’s how they convey an elaborate illusion of their language. Sometimes, you may even notice your Frenchton singing along with you, which is not uncommon. 

Frenchton Temperament

The Frenchbo is a friendly little guy. Therefore, she is suited to most families. On top of that, she is a fun-loving dog; hence, always the center of attention. She is ever the entertainer and lives for personal care. Best of all, she won’t stop at anything until she makes you laugh. 

All in all, she is also known to have a stubborn side. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout and make sure you train out negative behavior from a young age. You will notice that Frenchbos may oddly bark from time to time. Not quite as much, but this is a trait they may inherit from their Boston Terrier parents.

And we mentioned earlier; the Frenchton loves to be shown affection and attention from their owner. Therefore, if she is left alone for extended periods, she may become distressed and even engage in destructive behavior like chewing on things. 

Beyond their loud snoring, this breed is known to be the loyal type. Frenchtons will stick by their owner through anything. Although she has no problem interacting with people, she loves her owner the most. Females have an overprotective nature, especially when it comes to kids.

On top of that, they are loving; hence they make excellent family dogs. It is also essential that you socialize your dog from a young age. That is because she may not be very understanding with the other household pets, she isn’t familiar with. And the nervousness that may result from this may elicit an adverse reaction. 

What is the Frenchton Lifespan?

The Frenchbos lifespan is the one area; this pup can outperform the French bulldog parents. And that is because the Frenchtons are capable of living between 11 and 15 years. It’s safe to say that a Frenchton will live one or two years more than a Frenchie. Also, your Frenchton could live for more than 15 years, but that will require a proper diet and maintaining regular exercise. 

How Much are Frenchton Puppies?

The Frenchton dogs are not easy to locate as they are not very common. Therefore, a Frenchton will command a price tag of somewhere between $500 and $3,500. The biggest determiner of this price is the Frenchie parent. Just make sure you find a reputable breeder.

Can Frenchtons Swims?

Generally, Frenchtons love water. However, I would never recommend that you let them swim out of their depth. And that is because Brachycephalic dog breeds such as Frenchtons have a relatively more massive head as compared to their bodies. Hence, this makes swimming quite tricky for them. 

Frenchton Male Dog Name Suggestion

The look, style, and temperament of Frenchtons affect the names we choose for them. Mostly, you will come across some posh or vintage-inspired names. Some of the typical classic names for male dogs are Oscar and Louis.

Also, it’s not uncommon to find Frenchtons that have food-inspired names. These are a big hit too, and they sound pretty cute. You will find a Mochi, Pepper, or maybe Peanut, just to mention a few. That said, some of the typical male dog name suggestions include: 

  • Frankie
  • Bruno
  • Stitch
  • Gus
  • Bentley
  • Charlie
  • Louie
  • Max
  • Winston 

Frenchton Pup Pros and Cons



  • The Frenchton is generally a healthy dog, and she has very minimal health issues.
  • Also, the Frenchton is an apartment-friendly dog that doesn’t mind living in small spaces.
  • A Frenchton pup doesn’t need a lot of grooming, and at the same time, she is quite easy to groom.
  • The dog is very friendly to kids and at the same time overprotective which makes her the ideal family dog.
  • She gets along with other household pets like cats just fine.
  • The dog breed is also one of the best companions for senior citizens.
  • Frenchton dog’s shedding is always very minimal.
  • The pup has a relatively lower drooling tendency as compared to other dogs. 
  • She easily adapts to different living environments without much hassle, which is quite incredible. 


  • This dog breed is not the ideal choice for a first-time dog owner as they can have a lowkey stubborn personality.
  • If you have allergy issues, the Frenchton might not be the dog for you as she tends to be highly hypoallergenic.
  • She has a high weight gain potential which leaves her prone to obesity.
  • The Frenchton is one pup that doesn’t tolerate being left alone. She suffers a lot of separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. That can lead to particularly disturbing destructive behavior. 
  • The dog is not the best for an office environment as she demands a lot of attention. 
  • Generally, Frenchton is not the most dog-friendly dog. She doesn’t get along so well with other dog breeds. 

Frenchton vs. Frenchie vs. Boston Terrier

The Frenchton is an adorable designer crossbreed, unlike the Frenchie or Boston Terrier, which are pure breeds. The Frenchton is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a French bulldog. These two breeds were combined with the hope of producing a breed that’s a lot healthier than the two pure breed parents. Some of these breeds have ended up in shelters or rescue groups. If you think this is the dog for you can consider adopting one. 

Frenchton Dogs for Adoption

You will find a lot of breeders who have Frenchton puppies available. The most important thing to do when adopting a pup, not just a Frenchton is to ensure you choose the right breeder. By selecting a reputable breeder, you will be saving yourself and your adorable companion a lot of trouble for medical costs later on. 

Also, make sure your breeder confirms that what you get is really a Frenchton. That will come in handy as different dog breeds come with diverse requirements and needs. 

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